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Transforming Practices

We offer expertise in a broad range of areas, providing legal services that meet the demanding needs of specific industries, the litigation prowess to prevail, and the transactional and counseling skills to ensure goals are met. .


We excel at representing clients in state and federal appellate courts. We have successfully handled hundreds of appeals and writ proceedings, including cases in which hundreds of millions of dollars were at stake and cases that resulted in leading appellate decisions. In the past 20 years, we have appeared on more than a hundred published opinions and on many more unpublished decisions.

Business Litigation

Our lawyers have an extraordinary track record of winning “bet the company” cases. But the heart and soul of the Hancock firm transcends the many trial victories and appellate successes. We have developed innovative methods for managing and trying complex lawsuits. Hancock is one of the true pioneers of litigation management in California.



Labor & Employment

Products Liability & Complex Torts

Professional Liability

Real Estate

Sports & Recreation

Technology & IP

General Liability
We handle a wide variety of claims and suits involving catastrophic injuries and property damage arising from premises liability, trespass, transportation incidents, and industrial accidents. We are experienced in assembling teams of attorneys, experts and investigators on a moment’s notice to respond to emergencies anywhere they arise. We represent a diverse group of business interests, including those involved in hotels and resorts, recreation, ocean and inland marine, trucking, technology, retailing, property development and management, and other fields. 

Risk Management and Prevention
Working with manufacturers, distributors, importers, insurers, brokers and trade groups, we provide preventative and risk management advice to many clients outside of actual lawsuits. Services in this area include risk management audits, development of warnings, instructions, labels and warranty programs, and advice regarding product recalls, product modification, material safety data sheets, customer interaction and claims handling, and the monitoring of medical and legal developments in particular areas. We have developed unique insurance and indemnity programs for risk-shifting, document retention and management, and other programs and policies that help our clients reduce their exposures. We also help clients identify and resolve technology and intellectual property issues, and our attorneys analyze and provide advice to manufacturers, distributors and retailers regarding the legal challenges presented by e-commerce and the emerging global economy. We work regularly with client advisory boards to develop conferences and compendiums of topical issues that address real, day to day legal concerns. With the push of button, we can find a resource or an answer in every state and major international arena. 

We have developed practical, efficient methods for many different types of litigation. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants and understand litigation strategy from all aspects. If you are looking for a law firm that not only understands its clients, but offers a unique approach to litigation suited to their unique situation and needs, TP is the firm for you

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