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New Article by Steven Keeva:

Practicing From the Inside Out
(PDF document, 86K)
from the Harvard Negotiation Law Review, Vol.7. Spring 2002

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Derek Haskew answers the mail

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Realizing Kindness

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On Apology

An interview with Rick Halpert, a Kalamazoo, MI, personal injury lawyer whose law firm was the subject of an ABA Journal profile.


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Welcome to a website with a clear and unique mission: to explore sources of meaning and pleasure in law practice. By continuing the conversation begun in Steven Keeva's Transforming Practices: Finding Joy and Satisfaction in the Legal Life (an ABA Journal Book published by Contemporary Books, 1999), we hope to be both a resource and an oasis--for lawyers, would-be lawyers and legal staff. Visit our other sites: changing bad habits and

Here's some of what you'll find here:

In Book Info - Excerpts from Transforming Practices, along with reviews and related articles.

In Keeva's column - A look at how lawyers are discovering, or rediscovering, meaning and pleasure in their work.

In Guest column - New York trial lawyer Stephen Chakwin -- and other occasional columnists -- on maintaining and profiting from a healthy connection to your humanity.

In Q&A - Inspiring chats with people whose ideas are changing the way we look at law practice and legal education.

In One-L of a Challenge - Columnist Derek Haskew brings a higher consciousness to legal education, revealing its risks and mining its potential.

In Exercises/Resources - Practical techniques for realizing the personal-growth potential in law practice, along with an enlightened list of links and resources.

In Moments - A place to share anecdotes, narratives, epiphanies -- anything that reveals what is most meaningful in law practice

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